We Saw Ford Prepping An Even Hotter Focus ST, But Will America Be Left Out?

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We think it has every chance.

Last month at Geneva, Ford unveiled an even hotter version of its Fiesta ST, the ST 200. The first thing we asked its chief engineer was whether it would arrive in the US. The answer was a clear "no." But now our spy photographers have caught wind of this: an even more potent Focus ST. Bearing in mind the Focus RS has 350 hp compared to the Focus ST's 250 ponies, clearly there's room for something in between. These images of a test mule at the Nurburgring appear to be that model.

We don't know what it'll be named, but let's go with the Focus ST 270 or ST 280 for now because, that's right, it's expected to produce somewhere around 270-280 hp. What's obvious here are new aerodynamics with flaps on the front end and also a thin spoiler under the front bumper, a design which will change for the final production version. Ford engineers are also likely testing out refinements made to the chassis. Basically, picture today's Focus ST only with better aero bits, new wheels, and an even more enjoyable driving experience. Sounds fine to us, but here's the big question: will it arrive stateside? We've reached out to Ford seeking an answer and we'll update you once we know more.

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