We See The BMW M3 And Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Compared Back To Back

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It's so tough to pick a clear winner when both cars are so good.

If you haven't noticed it yet, we're a bit infatuated by the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. There's always room in our heart for the BMW M3, especially given how it allows enthusiasts to have all of the utility of a four-door sedan with the insanity we desire at the push of a button. However, the Alfa Romeo was built not just to compete with the BMW M3, but outdo it in every way possible in the realms of design, performance, and delivery of driver pleasure.

It all started with the Giorgio platform, which put FCA in the red financially but ended up being worthwhile. Giorgio contributes to how steady the Giulia feels on the road while the carbon fiber, alcantara, leather, and metal steering wheel channels its impeccable steering feel to the driver. But what the Alfa does best is call attention to itself.

Its Italian persona never once goes into hiding and despite being Italian, some of the car's ergonomic design is simply great. Motor Trend recently tested the Alfa and the BMW M3 Competition and found the Italian car to be better, but how about a second opinion? To deliver that, Supercars of London drives both the M3 and Giulia QV back to back to relay to us what it thinks about both cars. It's a good thing that the video doesn't conclude with a clear winner because that allows us to make the final decision for ourselves. If you are looking for someone to make the decision for you, then help us by petitioning BMW and Alfa Romeo to bring the cars over for a fair fight.

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