We See The Lamborghini Centenario Roadster Makes A Splash In Paris

We got intimate with the $2.23 million supercar at it’s first public European showing.

While one of the 20 Lamborghini Centenarios in existence was spending last week shooting in London for the upcoming Transformers movie, the Italian automaker was secretly bringing its topless birthday gift to itself over to Europe. The Centenario Roadster, which also can only claim a population of 20, debuted last month at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Monterey, California. After that, it was not seen again until now, when it popped up on the eve of the 2016 Paris Auto Show, as part of the VW Group's pre-show event.

We were on scene to get up close and personal with the Roadster and even sit inside for a few pictures. In case you were wondering why a customer would let us get our grubby hands on the stunning open top, this is Lamborghini's own toy, used for shows and testing. Those lucky 20 customers won't be getting their rides delivered until next year. This was the only model Lamborghini brought to Paris as, alas, like a few other big brands, the Italian marque won't be at the Motor Show proper. Along with its sister brand Bentley, both pulled out of the show in order to save their parent company a few million dollars. At least Lamborghini is charging about $2.23 million per unit, which should help fund its new electric hypercar project.

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