We Spied The Genesis G70 Looking Unready To Do Battle With BMW

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It looks like Hyundai is taking a conservative approach with the Genesis G70. That could prove costly.

When our spy photographers sent us these shots of a camo-covered Genesis G70 we were a bit disappointed. Not in the photos, of course, but in the look of the car itself. The G70 seen here is a world away from the concept that debuted at the 2016 New York Auto Show. Granted that car was far too wild for production, but it was risky and sexy, two terms not usually associated with Hyundai. The Genesis G70 we're getting tones things down somewhat but still looks as if it could be a capable 3 Series/A4/C-Class competitor.

The Genesis New York Concept had a four-door coupe style design which has been ditched by the production version. Its shape is more traditional but the good news is that it doesn't look entirely like a shrunken G80. For starters the grille appears to be different and the hood appears to be massive and muscular, at least that's what the camo covering it makes us think. But other than that this sedan seems to be more of the same. That's not a bad thing as the current Genesis cars look great, but we really wish Hyundai had been a bit riskier with the G70's look. Here's hoping it looks less pedestrian once the camo starts to come off. Like the other Genesis cars before it the G70 will be rear-wheel drive with an all-wheel-drive option almost a certainty.

Our spies are expecting a turbocharged four-cylinder and a hybrid model to be on offer, but what we're crossing our fingers that the 3.3-liter V6 found in the G90-where it makes 365 horsepower-will be on offer. That may be asking for too much, but perhaps that mill can come in the G70 N? Hyundai is saying the G70 will be out sometime in 2017 which makes a debut at one of the year's early auto shows. Our money is on Detroit. Hyundai needs a sportier and cheaper offering to bring Genesis to the masses. On paper the G70 is that car, but from these spy shots we're worried that Hyundai may be offering more of the same. Please prove us wrong, Hyundai, as we're very bullish on the G70 and Genesis as a whole.

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