We Spoke To The Designer Who'll Make All New Lamborghinis Wonderfully Insane

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"Lamborghini is the coolest brand in the world." - Lamborghini's new design boss.

This is the job Mitja Borkert always wanted. Borkert is Lamborghini's new design chief and the gig is, without question, his dream job. "Lamborghini is the coolest brand in the world," he told us during our interview at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. He's made the move from Porsche, where he was responsible for last year's Mission-E concept. However, we have yet to see Borkert's talent at Lamborghini, since the new Huracan Performante's design was locked down before he arrived.

So what will be the first production vehicle to launch showcasing Borkert's talents? The production-spec Urus SUV. "The Urus will have the proportions other SUVs would like to have," Borkert stated as he began sketching on a blank sheet of paper some very familiar-looking cars. Asked what's essential to Lamborghini design, Borkert explained that "everything must be super compact," meaning tight proportions combined with those now signature angular lines. And he's very much done his Lamborghini homework, having recently spent time visiting his hero, the one and only Marcello Gandini, the man responsible for the designs of the Miura and Countach. Speaking of which, we asked Borkert what's his favorite Lamborghini of all time.

His answer was immediate: the 1971 Countach. As his pen continued to move, it became clear that Borkert was drawing the Countach, followed by the silhouette of the Miura. Like we said, this guy lives and breathes Lamborghini, and he regularly stops by the Lamborghini museum for inspiration, which is so conveniently located at Sant'Agata, next to his office. "Every morning I see the Espada." But it's still the Countach that wins his heart. "It's the timeless impression of the Countach" that makes it his choice over, say, its Diablo successor. But at the same time, Borkert made clear to us that, in regards to Lamborghini design, "expect the unexpected." We can't wait to see what he comes up with when its time to replace the Aventador.

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