We Spy A Facelifted 911 GT3 With AMG GT-Beating Looks And 911 R Tech

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You better believe Porsche is watching the throne.

Jeremy Clarkson once famously joked that all Porsche 911s look alike, which isn't too far from the truth. Given that Porsche uses many of the same design elements as the Volkswagen Beetle, and as such its style and overall image has stayed consistent throughout the years even as it's been modernized and the lineup expanded to stay current. Speaking of staying current, a new 911 GT3 is on the way. Just recently our spies caught one sans camouflage out for testing near the Nurburgring.

Even though it looks nearly identical to the last one, it's a more refined and aggressive beast thanks to its tech. Porsche learned a lot about its customers when it built the 911 R, most importantly that there is a huge market for manual transmissions. As such, the facelifted 911 GT3 will get the same six-speed gearbox as the 911 R, making what is already one of the world's best drivers cars into an even better machine for enthusiasts. Now no gearhead has to worry that they'll miss out on the pleasure of rowing their own gears in a track-focused Porsche, or that they will have to spend seven figures to do so. Still, Porsche's redesign budget hasn't all been spent on the transmission.

A revised front bumper with a forward lean gives the Porsche more of an aggressive look without adding squinty headlights. At the rear, a new bumper is present with the signature air outlet absent. Instead, Porsche has moved the air hole to the base of the spoiler, a choice that we're not so sure is the most aesthetically pleasing alternative. Aside from that, the changes are subtle. There's a new crease on the side skirt to add definition and make the GT3 look less simplistic, perhaps an attempt at giving it more character than the personality-laden AMG GT. A specific debut date hasn't been announced but given how production-ready this car looks, we can expect that to happen within the next few weeks.

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