We Spy The Newest Jeep Compass/Patriot In The Wild, But Will It Finally Be A Good Jeep?

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The last two weren't exactly the most desirable cars ever, but can FCA change that?

Despite the fact that we love to rag on the Jeep Compass and Patriot for being SUVs of subpar quality, they sell decently well. Enough so that Jeep wants to spend the time and money on a refresh. Our spy photographers managed to get lucky and snap some pictures of the new rendition, which we can expect to roam city streets by the end of this year. Like the previous Jeep Compass/Patriot duo, this new parking lot warrior will be targeted towards the CUV crowd.

It will slot above the subcompact Renegade and below the larger (and very ugly) Cherokee to do battle in one of the hottest segments currently on the market. Despite its obvious differences from Jeeps cute ute, the new Compass/Patriot will ride on a stretched and widened version of the platform seen in the Renegade and Fiat 500X. In the last few years, Jeeps have had notoriously bland interiors with quality that leaves something to be desired. Then, the Renegade came out and a new trend started to emerge headed in the opposite direction. Luckily our spy photographer managed to get close enough to snap pictures of the interior, and for the time being things don't look like they've changed much.

The large infotainment screen guarded by two air vents looks similar to the interior of the Cherokee. Under the hood we can expect to see FCA's new turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder "Hurricane" engine. It will be mated to a nine-speed automatic where it should have enough go to motivate the Jeep up the trails and through the suburban landscape. The Trailhawk version should showcase a larger suspension travel, four-wheel drive system, a bevy of trail modes for easy climbing, tow hooks, and other added features. For now, it's unclear what name Jeep will pick to represent this vehicle. It could badge the car as either a Patriot or a Compass, or go with something new entirely. We'll be sure to see the car in the metal soon.

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