We Still Can't Figure Out What This Car Thief Was Thinking

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The police thought he was an idiot, too.

So you want to steal a car. Well first off, you're an asshole. Now that that's been said, the next decision a thief will need to make is for a quick getaway plan. Avoiding law enforcement at all costs is equally crucial. But mistakes happen. Point being, that quick getaway could go sour fast and a thief could get desperate. But we never figured desperate like this. A man from Perth, Australia, attempted to steal a Toyota Land Cruiser a few days ago and didn't get very far until the police chase began.

It lasted nearly two hours through sand dunes. Just when he appeared to be cornered, he drove straight into the water. Police could only watch as the SUV got clambered by waves. It didn't take long for the guy to give up. Police had to rescue him from the water.

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