We Think More Ferraris Should Be Drifted After Seeing This Kickass Video

You'll think the same thing too.

The Ferrari 360 Modena is not a car that gets drifted very often. That’s a damn shame as the V8 supercar really knows how to slide around the track, what with 405 horsepower being sent to its rear wheels and all. If you need proof that the 360 is a natural drifter look no further than this video, which comes to us courtesy of YouTube channel Noriyaro. It was shot at the 2015 Supercar Sound Festival held at the Ebisu Circuit in Japan. In addition to getting to see the 360 drift there’s also ride-along footage.

We can’t decide if going sideways in the Ferrari 360 Modena or hitting its max speed of 189 mph would be more fun. Let us know what you think in the comments after checking out this video.

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