We Think The New Jeep Scrambler Will Look Like This

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The Wrangler-based pickup truck we've been craving is nearly here.

Jeep has already officially gone on record stating a pickup truck variant of its recently redesigned Wrangler SUV, called the Scrambler, will be arriving very soon. We expect to see it revealed in full next November at the LA Auto Show – exactly one year following the new Wrangler's debut. If all goes to plan, the Scrambler will be on dealership lots next April. Yes, that's only one year from now. You should be stoked. We are. And because we now know literally everything there is to know about the Wrangler, it isn't too hard to picture the Scrambler.

Fortunately, the guys over at Jeep Scrambler Forum sent us these wicked cool renderings that are, in all honesty, hard to tell are only renderings. They look like the real deal, even though we have yet to see the production truck. Previous spy shots also provide excellent clues, but it's really the production-spec 2019 Wrangler SUV that gives the most away. Simply start with the four-door Wrangler Unlimited, add a truck bed and voila! Of course there will be various structural changes necessary for pickup truck duties, but those details will be delivered in due time. Looking a bit more closely at these renderings, we think the rear taillights are about spot-on, based on Jeep's current styling.

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We also dig how the name 'Scrambler' is plastered across the tailgate. As of this point, the Scrambler will only be offered with four doors, plus the bed. We haven't heard anything about a possible two-door variant, though we think the chances of that are fairly slim because truck buyers have consistently sought trucks that can comfortably accommodate rear seat passengers. But never say never. Under the hood, expect to see the same engines available in the Wrangler. The upcoming 3.0-liter V6 diesel has already been confirmed. The turbo four and naturally aspirated V6 round out the engine options. Of course, Jeep could surprise us by opting for just two engine choices, the diesel and just one of the other two. In any case, we'll find out next fall.

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