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We Think The Toyota MR2 Should Look Like This

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Toyota, make this happen.

The reborn Toyota Supra is only a few weeks away from its official debut at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. Meanwhile, the Toyota 86 is rapidly showing its age and there have also been rumors regarding an all-new MR2. Could the MR2 replace the 86? Alternatively, could the 86 be swapped out in favor of a reborn Celica? We just don't know yet at this stage, but we'll be sure to ask Toyota for more details when we sit down to chat next month in the Motor City.

But we still really like the idea of a new MR2, of which the first generation launched way back in 1984. The third generation was retired in 2007, and all the while the MR2 retained its mid-engine setup. What would a reborn, mid-engined MR2 potentially look like today?

Rendering artist Esa Mustonen, via Behance, has created a series of renderings of a potential MR2 concept. Honestly, these images look so good you'd think they came from Toyota itself. While incorporating elements of Toyota's latest styling language, most notably up front, there are a few traces of another great mid-engined sports cars here. Specifically, we see some Alfa Romeo 4C from the side view.

Another thing worth pointing out is that a mid-engine design better enables an all-electric powertrain. Assuming the batteries would be located under the floor, the center of gravity would be right where it should be. There was a rumor not long ago claiming Toyota was seriously examining an all-electric powertrain for a new MR2 and, honestly, we wouldn't be opposed to that.

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If the original MR2 and its successors help break new ground by proving a mid-engined sports car with excellent handling can be produced for the masses, why can't an EV version? We also recently learned that Toyota may ask Subaru for some assistance developing a new MR2 and if that's indeed the case, we doubt an EV powertrain will be chosen. But if it were up to us, Toyota ought to be bold and go for pure electrification. Add to that a styling design like this one and a new legend could be born.