We Took A Ride In The New Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS In Monaco

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This thing is nuts!

This year's Top Marques Monaco was typically supercar rich, but one of the more interesting exhibits at the show was the new Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS. Displayed in striking colors of orange and green, the Dutch boutique carmaker also offers its insanely fast track car in bare naked carbon. Compared to the D8 GTO, the new RS edition features a remapped ECU, a brand-new suspension with optional fully adjustable racing ABS and traction-control systems, and automatic double-clutching, all done by Bosch.

Power comes from an Audi-sourced 2.5-liter TFSI unit now generating over 400 horsepower with greatly improved torque throughout the rev range. Combined with a curb weight of just 700 kg, the GTO-RS boasts a power-to-weight ratio most hypercars would be proud of. 0-60 mph now happens a tenth-of-a-second quicker, in a neck-snapping 2.7 seconds. Driving around the hills surrounding Monaco, we had no doubt Donkervoort was being serious when he said the GTO-RS puts the Porsche 911 GT3 RS to shame on the track. This thing is wickedly quick, the fast-revving Audi engine is a joy, always wanting to deliver more power, always wanting to go faster.

The car feels stiffer and more extreme compared to the D8 GTO. That's because the RS has a new nose design, better air routing thanks to various small spoilers and vanes, a completely closed carbon-fiber bottom plate with side skirts, and sleek, removable upper doors. These aerodynamic improvements have reduced air resistance by 20 percent, giving the car greater stability at high speeds as well as an increased top speed. Aesthetically, the new design gives this model more of a menacing look, and a more car-like feel on the road. The interior is awash with visible carbon fiber, including the floor plate and center tunnel.

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Additional functions have been added to the dashboard, as well as the steering wheel. A notable new improvement is a nicer, redesigned digital dial screen. The GTO-RS series has been expanded since its initial launch, to further include a Bare Carbon Fiber exterior edition, as well as a (non-road legal) Race Edition, which among other upgrades, replaces the passenger seat with race telemetry hardware, and includes a sequential gearbox. Of the now total 65 units, over 42 have been sold. Prices start from 151,173 Euros (excl. taxes).

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