We've Got Good News About The Stolen Ferrari 288 GTO


What about the thief?

Yesterday we reported that a 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.2 million had been stolen during what was a supposed test drive. The crime took place near Dusseldorf, Germany where the seller met up with a potential buyer. That buyer, who reportedly spoke with a French accent, responded to an advertisement for the rare Ferrari and had arranged a specific time and place to meet. Clearly the guy had plans that didn't include actually buying the car.

At some point during the test drive, the owner and buyer-turned thief swapped seats and when the former was making his way to the passenger seat, the thief put the pedal to the metal. But it appears everything is fine now.

According to DW.com, the Ferrari has been recovered in a garage in the area of Grevenbroich, less than 20 miles from its home base. However, the thief is still at large. At this moment, the Ferrari's exact condition is unknown, but we'd be surprised if there was any serious damage, let alone any damage at all. Considering its rarity and high value, there was a high likelihood the thief had a plan to sell the 288 GTO on the black market. Delivering such a special but damaged Ferrari would not be a job well done. Any repairs would require someone with expertise, and therefore that individual would be made aware of the car's whereabouts.

Plus, acquiring the right replacement parts and mechanical components is not only expensive but doing so would also draw unwanted attention. Chances are the thief panicked and abandoned the Ferrari once he found out the police had put out an all-points bulletin. An extremely rare Ferrari 288 GTO (build count: 272 units) will easily stand out in traffic, the highway, or just about anywhere.


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