We've Spotted Alfa Romeo's New SUV Up Close Inside And Out

Spy Shots

But will it launch when Alfa claims it will?

We’ve heard it all before: another delay with a new Alfa Romeo model. First it was the 4C, then the Giulia sedan. But will the upcoming Stelvio SUV launch on schedule, supposedly later this year? Excellent question, and judging from these latest photos from our spy photographers, it seems as if final development and testing is underway. This Stelvio test mule has dropped more camouflage than what we’ve previously seen, making it easier to check out its sloping roofline and signature Alfa front grille.

Also take a look inside, specifically at the dash and center console. You’ll see that it’s similar in style to the Giulia and we’re not at all complaining. But what will be under the hood of this Italian SUV? Although it hasn’t been confirmed, we wouldn’t at all be surprised if the Giulia QV’s twin-turbo V6 with 503 hp was offered as a top option. Remember, Alfa Romeo intends to go head-to-head here against the likes of the Porsche Macan, Audi SQ5 and BMW X3 M. The right engine is essential here, but there’ll for sure be less powerful (and less expensive) engine options, including a diesel. Question is whether that oil burner will be offered in the US.

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Again, that remains to be seen. So when will the Stelvio debut? Our best guess is either Paris this September or Los Angeles in November. It’ll be the second of eight new models Alfa Romeo is planning to launch but, again, we’ll believe it when we see it.