We Want More Spyker And So Does Pretty Much Everyone

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But only one car was on display at Geneva.

It was great to see Spyker return to Geneva with its new C8 Preliator. Keeping that wonderful Audi-sourced 4.2-liter V8 as opposed to going with, say, a hybrid setup, is a huge sigh of relief. Its suspension was engineered by Lotus. Along with other updates to the C8 that now include a supercharger (for a total output of 525 hp) and several styling tweaks, the quirky Spyker we know and love is back. Or is it? Honestly, I wanted to learn more about the Dutch brand's future plans.

After all, the only Spyker on display at Geneva is the C8 Preliator, which is being limited to only 50 examples. What about the B6 Venator? A revival of the D8 Peking-to-Paris SUV? Any concepts? Nothing. Nada. I reached out to Spyker to schedule an interview with someone ahead of the show in order to learn more. A week or so after sending an email to its media department, I received a reply, asking me for my availability to talk. I replied the same day, and never heard back. My schedule was soon filled and Spyker was left out. I stopped by Spyker's stand when I had time and couldn't find someone to talk to. Maybe I should have made more of an effort. Then again, aren't press days all about being available for the press?

But all's forgiven. I just want to know what's happening at Spyker today. So, I guess this is a plea to CEO Victor Muller. Please, tell us more about what's in store for Spyker. What else will your Coventry, UK-based production facility build? Are there any scheduled media test drives? Will we see more of Spyker's wonderful quirkiness in the years ahead? We're rooting for Spyker and want it to succeed this time around. Mr. Muller, we're all ears.


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