We Want the Mazda2 MPS to Look Like This

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Amazingly, this is just a rendering.

A few days ago, it was revealed that Mazda is seriously considering a Mazda2 MPS. If it were to happen, it'd likely be called the MazdaSpeed2 in many markets, including the US. For now, the web is referring to it as the Mazda2 MPS. Fine. No problem. We just want Mazda to build the thing. If it were to be done right, and Mazda has proven itself time and again in the "Zoom-Zoom" department, then this could become a real threat to the likes of the Ford Fiesta ST and VW Polo GTI.

Output would need to be in the neighborhood of around 200 horsepower. Best of all, that's entirely possible and Mazda, as long as a business case can be made, would be more than happy to give the green light. Now rendering artist Theophilus Chin has created this pair of images that look like they literally just came out of the Mazda design studio. To sum up: we love what we're seeing. Let's hope it becomes a reality.

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Source Credits: www.theophiluschin.com

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