We Want This Corvette ZR1-Powered Karma

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This is what happens when the Fisker Karma and the Corvette ZR1 have a love child - a V8-powered sleek sedan that can take on the likes of the Panamera.

It's a funny thing, really. The Fisker Karma is all about being an environmentally friendly luxury car and yet someone had the idea to stuff a Corvette ZR1 V8 under the hood. That someone just happens to be "Maximum Bob," also known as Bob Lutz who was the driving force behind the Chevy Volt during his tenure as VP of product at GM a few years back. Now he's out of retirement to bring us the Destino, which is making its surprise debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

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There aren't many exact details available just yet, but we do know it has the ZR1's 638 horsepower LS9 V8 instead of a small four-pot and an electric motor. It'll also supposedly be offered with a 6.2-liter V8 with 450 ponies along with a choice of either a six-speed manual or four-speed slushbox. With competitors such as the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide in its sights, Lutz said the following about his latest project: "Fisker's not selling many cars, so we're buying bodies but not any of the electrical stuff, imagine a Corvette sedan, that's the type of performance we're talking about."

Without the Karma's battery pack and electric motor, the car's weight is reduced by 1,322 lbs. Still in its prototype phase, it'll be built in Auburn Hills, Michigan and will hopefully go on sale later in 2013 with a supposed starting price of $180,000.

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