We Wanted To Trash Talk The Chrysler 200 But Couldn't

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Adam and Jay discuss the car that's about to meet death.

The Chrysler 200 is on its way out, just like the Dodge Dart. Fiat Chrysler is killing them both to make way for more Jeeps and Ram trucks. Thing is, the Chrysler 200, as we discovered, is actually a good mid-size family sedan that not enough people are buying. Crossovers are what's hot these days. CarBuzz editors Adam and Jay took a few minutes out of their ridiculously busy schedules that typically involve endless coffee breaks and long lunches to discuss the 2016 Chrysler 200S.

This current generation only launched a few short years ago and already it's being given the axe, instead of receiving a mid-life update. From the outside, the 200S looks great. The interior? Well, let's just say that the driver and front seat passenger will be more comfortable than rear seat occupants.

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Didn't Fiat Chrysler get the memo that Americans like spacious back seats? Apparently not. What else does the 200S not do so well? More importantly, what are its best features and is Chrysler making a mistake killing it so soon? Check out our latest unboxing review to see what these two wise men have to say about it.

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