We Watched The Covers Come Off The Open Top LaFerrari Aperta


There's no better way to celebrate a 70th anniversay!

As if the Ferrari LaFerrari wasn't special enough, the Italian manufacturer just pulled the covers off the LaFerrari Aperta here at the Paris Motor Show. This new open top slice of brilliant perfectly shows off Ferrari's core values; technological excellence, performance, style and exclusivity. The LaFerrari Aperta marks the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the company, and this limited edition hypercar was designed for Ferrari's most passionate clients and will be a sought-after addition to a collection.

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The car is available with both a soft top and a carbon fiber hard top, which will look awesome fitted. Engineers focused on giving the open top car the same characteristics as the 1st LaFerrari without compromising on aesthetics, and so attention was paid to the chassis and aerodynamics. The entire lower section of the chassis needed reinforcement thanks to being subjected to different stresses caused by force lines, which, in the coupe, converge on the upper part.No roof means the butterfly door system needed a few changes, the result we see is a slightly different angle when open.The aerodynamics saw lots of work, the goal was to give the Aperta the same flow as the hard top car, even with the roof off.

This was achieved with numerous small changes, notable l-shaped flaps on the upper corners of the windscreen.The results speak for themselves, the LaFerrari Aperta matches the original car's performance with a top speed of 218 mph, a 0-60 time under 3 seconds and 0-124 mph (200km/h) in just 7.1 seconds. The car retains the electronically assisted V12 that produces a total of 950 hp with 664 lb-ft of torque. Engineers managed to get the car's lines and dimensions to be almost identical, and so to differentiate, we see discrete model-specific livery with a few graphic accents in a contrasting color to define the main styling contours. Lastly, Starlite Alcantara and leather are seen on interior finishings.