We Went To Some Rich Guy's House In Silicon Valley To Drive The Chevy Bolt

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This guy loves the Bolt, and we left his pad feeling the same.

Is there some unspoken law amongst carmakers that all EVs must have futuristic styling? That thought struck us when a BMW i3 gatecrashed the Chevrolet Bolt first drive party we were chilling at. Yes, Tesla makes good looking cars, certainly good looking EVs at any rate, but Tesla is no longer just a carmaker so it doesn't count. The Bolt launch event was gracefully hosted by a big fan of Chevy's green cars and one of the country's first Volt owners. We're assuming he digs the Bolt's looks too.

His gorgeous eco-friendly home acted as the bowtie brand's base, while the verdant, plush surrounds of Palo Alto is where we got acquainted with electric car and learned about some of its secrets.

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With a battery that provides as much as 280 miles of range on a single charge, a prominent 10.2-inch touchscreen display and an interior that's more than adequate for a family of five, the Bolt has plenty going for it, polarizing styling aside. The Tesla Model 3 has a serious fight on its hands, with the Bolt having the distinct advantage of being available to buy now and not – hopefully – sometime next year. Bonus points to anyone that can name the car at 8:53. It's a beauty!

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