We Would Definitely Buy This Mini Ute

Too bad it'll likely never make production.

If Mini is so willing to expand its lineup beyond the essential hatchback and convertible, then why not go even further than the borderline unnecessary Countryman and completely unnecessary Paceman? That’s why we think Mini ought to build a Ute. Sure, it’d more than likely be a two-seater, but it’s the rear cargo bed that’d be awesome. And now that small pickups are all but gone from the US, a Mini Ute may be just the thing for those who don’t require off-road abilities.

For that matter, why does everyone need a truck bed as large as those found on today’s full-size trucks? Sometimes too much space is simply too much space. Plus, a Mini Ute would be just downright cool. Pair it with a manual gearbox and maybe even a diesel engine. That’d be ideal. Just too bad Mini likely won’t build it, despite its recent one-off concept. But rendering artist Theophilus Chin is still keen on the idea, hence his latest piece of automotive art.

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