Weaponized Armored Vehicles: You Know You Want One

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Now you can unleash all of your diabolical tendencies in style.

These cars are living proof that the best defense is a good offense. What makes these vehicles unique and quite deadly is they have plenty of offensive capabilities along with defense armoring. Each year weapon enthusiasts, from your local drug lord, celebrity or even revolutionary fighters pay top dollar (or even build themselves) for the life preserving benefits an armored vehicle provides. Why not go the extra mile for something that also has the capability to lay waste to any potential adversary?

At the top of the list of multi-millionaire venture capitalists everywhere is the fully Weaponized Porsche Cayenne. This lean, mean, fighting machine comes complete with bullet-resistant transparent armor to glass areas, before armoring the body, roof and floor with a ballistic composite material and ballistic steel. The fun can be found in a cargo box that conceals two remote-controlled M-16s. A third M-16 can be found hidden behind the flip-down license plate, while aerial threats can be eliminated by firing Claymore-like mines from the back of the tailgate. Asking Price: $157,500 (plus the price of a custom weapon system).

What this Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty lacks in actual armor, it more than makes up for with a wide variety of offensive firepower and is the envy of Libyan revolutionaries the world over. Do Abdul and Walid are a pair of freedom fighters many would loathe to mess with. They are taking full advantage of an LSD-1 anti-aircraft machine gun on the base of the Soviet Vladimirov heavy machine gun and a 32-round block of UB-32 which launches S-5 unguided rockets, also from the USSR. Talk about strange bedfellows, when is the last time you saw an American pickup pack this much Soviet firepower?

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A large number of aspiring A-Team leaders would kill to get their hands on the Hybrid Army Hummer. Called the FED Bravo, this 20,000 pound, fully armed and bullet-proof assault automobile is the brain child of ideas taken from students at Detroit's College for Creative Studies. If spending large amounts of time and money at the gas pump are of little or no concern, then this combat vehicle may just be for you. Finally there is the aptly named KillDozer, which gave new meaning to the word modification. What started out as your standard Komatsu D355A bulldozer was transformed into something out of the Terminator.

With armor over one foot thick, small arms fire and explosives are mere nuisances. A driver would quickly fall in love with the multiple and well protected mounted video cameras for second to none visibility. This beast was put to the test for the first and last time in 2004 when its owner decided to go on a joyride through downtown Granby, Colorado. Anyone wishing to acquire a KillDozer will have to build their own. The original was quickly turned into scrap metal.

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