WEC Champion Pranks Rideshare Users, Takes Them For Hot Laps In A Panamera


These people just wanted a ride to Paris but Roman Dumas can't help himself when passing a race track.

Aston Martin may be James Bond's automaker of choice, but a few notable 007 films once traded in the British brand for a Blue and White Roundel. BMW, satisfied with its image as a getaway car for the world's greatest spy, tapped Clive Owen to star in its own mini action series. While Owen may have proved that Germans can be fun, Porsche takes an entirely different approach to its commercials, instead attempting to prove that Germany has a sense of humor to go with the fun.

Previous Porsche commercials include exchanging the lowly license test vehicle at a French DMV for a 911 and watching the hilarious reactions of inexperienced drivers grappling with a car that belies their skill levels. This, of course, takes place while drivers are simultaneously nervous about being under the eye of a scrutinizing driving instructor.

And then there's footage showing racing driver Patrick Dempsey attempting to get used to normal life again after retiring from racing. This time, Porsche decided to showcase how its executive sedan, the Panamera, can double as a comfortable cruiser for four as well as a monster on the race track, all while injecting some of its signature humor into the mix. It did so by volunteering a Panamera Turbo for a ride share into Paris. It's driver? None other than Roman Dumas, the 2016 WEC champion race car driver. Each rider seems pleasantly surprised by the car, but things go a bit awry as soon as Dumas recommends a detour at the local race track.

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