Weekly Craigslist Hidden Treasure: Volkswagen Golf Helicopter Car

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Hidden treasure or future Darwin Awards contributor?

Some would say you're completely crazy for spending five figures on an old Volkswagen Golf that can fly thanks to a helicopter blade mounted on its roof. Others may give you the crazy label because any car with a retrofitted helicopter blade could be the source of your demise, a demise you paid for. But who doesn't want a flying car? Well, now you can get one. Oh Craigslist, how we love you dearly. This third generation 1995 model year Volkswagen Golf is clearly not stock. Take a wild guess what's been added.

According to the sellers, the "okdudes," the car is rust free in a few places, others not so much. A spray foam covers up the worst spots. But who cares? No one interested in buying this plans on taking it to concours events. One slightly disgusting feature is the permanent smell of the current owner's mother's burnt hair emanating from the headliner (we hope that's a joke). For VW Golf fans, the third generation marked the first time a Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) diesel engine was offered in a Golf. And yes, the one in question is a diesel, paired to a manual gearbox. We're assuming the precise engine is the 1.9-liter inline-four diesel, which made up to 108 hp. It also rolls coal. Rolling coal flying a few feet off the ground?

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First time for everything. Also be aware there's no rear suspension, and the seats are uncomfortable because they hurt your back while airborne. Apparently there's a bit of roof damage, mainly just a few dents from the differential being dropped there. So how much does a diesel-powered, German-built, retrofitted helicopter cost? Asking price is $30,000 on Craigslist LA.

I should also be honest with you: the seller added the following: "Anyone who can find a buyer for this and subscribes to the YouTube channel will receive a $5000 Commission!!!" Guess who just subscribed? Is $30k too much to pay? Depends on how you look at it. Nowhere else in the world does a working helicopter come this cheap. Then again, it's a somewhat rusted '95 VW Golf with no rear suspension and a potential death trap. Would you be willing to risk it all by taking this thing out for a spin? And yes, it really does go airborne. Kind of. Creating enough vertical thrust is kind of an issue. And if one were to create enough thrust, how would you go about that whole landing thing without ending up being part of the yearly Darwin Awards?

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