Weekly DFA: Chinese Auto Journalists Manage to do the Impossible

A pair of SLS AMG's, a wide open track in great weather conditions....what could go wrong?

So here's what we've been able to find out: Mercedes-Benz organized an 'SLS AMG Track Xperience' day on the Zhuhai International Circuit in China. Ok, sounds like a good time, but the day ended badly for a pair of Chinese auto journalists. Details are still shaky but according to Car News China, the accident happened when the SLS driver slammed on the brakes a bit too early when going through a turn - on a wide open, traffic free track (in what looks like good weather conditions).

The trailing C63 AMG then smashed right into the SLS from behind. Fortunately, neither of the drivers/journalists/bumper car enthusiasts was hurt. But still, it must be quite embarrassing for the two journalists and it'd be interesting to know whether they'll ever be invited to another similar event in the future.

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