Weekly DFA: Failed BMW E30 Hoonage

It's easy to sput a street lamp at night. It's the pole with the light shining down. That part apparently eluded the driver of this BMW 3 Series, though, to disastrous effect.

So you're out with your buddies driving around in an old E30 BMW 3 Series. Upon seeing an empty parking lot, someone gets the brilliant idea of pulling in to do some late night hoonage. Without any other cars present, what could possibly go wrong? A light pole, that's what. The driver's friends taking the video appear shocked that he somehow managed to crash into the brightly lit object, and judging by the photos showing the aftermath, the damage to the car is quite extensive.

The driver wasn't physically harmed, but his pride will likely take a long time to heal. And now that the incident has been posted online, the entire world can see his failed hoonage. (Come across something cool on YouTube? Share it with!)

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