Weekly DFA: Ferrari 458 Spider Driver Runs Over NYPD Cop's Foot

Is there a problem officer?

There are some things you shouldn't do in life. An example of which is driving over a police officer's foot as they write you a parking ticket. Obviously nobody likes getting a ticket (deserved or undeserved), but when a cop is standing right next to your car you should know to just let him finish writing the ticket and fight it in court later if you so choose. For the owner of this Ferrari 458 Spider, the common sense of doing just that and continuing on with his day in New York City seems to have totally escaped him.

It's hard to tell whether he really ran over the cop's foot or not, but he clearly was angry enough to throw the driver to the ground and call for reinforcements to haul him away. On a brighter note for the guy, his girlfriend, also seen in this clip talking to the police (albeit politely), happens to be Stephanie Pratt from MTV's "The Hills."

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