Weekly DFA: Ferrari Slams into Limo; Definitely a Write-Off


A Ferrari vs. Two Lincoln Town Car limos; guess who doesn't win.

This one surprises even us and we've seen plenty of accidents in our time. There's little information so far as to how exactly this happened, but a Ferrari California managed to slam into a limousine in Tokyo, Japan. This crash then resulted in a three car pileup: the Ferrari and two limos, as one hit the other due to the Ferrari's initial impact. Thing is, it was the Ferrari that suffered the most damage while each of the limos look to be relatively repairable.

We're guessing that both limos were parked or were driving fairly slow when the Italian supercar's driver didn't hit the brakes in time. Judging by the end result, it's pretty clear the Ferrari will need to be written-off.

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The Lincoln Town Car limos, however, are a different story. Their body-on-frame construction contributed to their durability, resulting in less damage which could very well be repairable. The Ferrari, on the other hand, is definitely totaled.