Weekly DFA: Ford GT Crashed (Again)

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WARNING: This ain't pretty.

If we knew and then published the name and address of the owner of this Ford GT, then we'd likely become accessories to murder. We're fully aware that the Ford GT is perhaps one of the most beloved supercars amongst our readers and gearheads everywhere, so many will find the following story depressing. Utter hatred and anger will soon follow. Here's what we know: this particular Ford GT, which has been tuned to around 1,000hp, crashed in Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday.

Clearly a car this powerful can be difficult to handle when not in proper hands, hence the results you see pictured here. Now, the Brazilian source who first published these pictures claims that it's the second time this Ford GT was involved in a serious accident. Back in 2009, the owner had an unfortunate run-in with an object that was obviously capable of doing some serious damage to the front end (this is the very last picture). Three years later, after the car was repaired, the owner has now managed once again to get into a serious accident. Only this time the guy managed to mess up both the front and rear ends.

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