Weekly DFA: Ford Mustang Drift Fail (Russian Style)

Note to Self: Self, learn how to drift properly before trying it out in traffic.

We're sympathetic to anyone who gets into a car accident. But sometimes, well, you just have to wonder how on earth they managed to do that. When there's a way, someone, somewhere, will one day figure it out. For this week's dose of cheap entertainment on someone else's behalf, we again head over to Russia, which time and again has proven they have the 'best' drivers in the world. In the following video, you'll see a Ford Mustang driver make a failed drift attempt.

They soon end up in the driver's side of a Peugeot. We don't think the roads were icy, so we're assuming it was simply a case of bad driving. Lesson of the day: don't drift in traffic because chances are it won't end well.

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