Weekly DFA: How Not to Drive a Ferrari 458 Italia

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Look out for that....oh wait, there was nothing there. You just don't know how to drive your Ferrari.

Back in the day, supercars were not easy to handle. In fact, they could be very dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced driver. Things are different today, as it's now almost standard for Ferrari, Lamborghini and even McLaren to proudly state that their latest can also act as proper daily drivers. Yes, there was a certain charm to driving such a powerful machine that didn't like to behave in the city or in suburbia, but market forces have dictated otherwise for today's supercars.

Still, it's good to know that modern technologies are now being used to make those V8 and V12 wonders easier to work with. Then again, there's always that someone who has the cash, but not the skills.

Take this guy here, who managed to lose control of his Ferrari 458 Italia while going over a bridge and then crashed into a curb. Road conditions seemed to be just fine, so this one is entirely the driver's fault. We don't think the car is completely totaled, but the repair bill will surely be quite high. Good thing he wasn't driving a classic Ferrari 250 GTO.

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