Weekly DFA: Lamborghini Murcielago Smashes into BMW Motorcycles

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No matter what car you drive, don't be driving it like this guy.

This is clearly not the best example of how to drive a Lamborghini Murcielago, or any car for that matter. If someone can't handle the V12 power then they simply shouldn't even bother and just stay home. They'll thank themselves later as will many others, but one Murcielago driver surely has a few regrets right about now. According to Italian daily La Provincia, the driver of this black Murcielago lost control of his V12-powered supercar near the town of Mariano Comense as he was driving around a curve.

Thing is, there just happened to be a BMW Motorcycle dealership at that curve and the Murcielago went directly into it and collided with a display of motorcycles parked out front. It then smashed into the building's front glass before being "bounced" back into the middle of the road. Fortunately no other cars were involved nor was anyone seriously hurt and both driver and passenger walked away. The Murcielago and motorcycles weren't so lucky.

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Source Credits: www.laprovinciadicomo.it

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