Weekly DFA: Mazda RX-7 Photo Shoot Goes Up in Flames

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Always be sure to read the instruction manual.

While Mazda is currently wrapping up production on their RX-8, it's impossible to forget its predecessor, the RX-7. These rotary-powered sports cars are legendary partly because back in the day Mazda risked everything when they bought the rights to the Wankel engine. Every year since 1967, the Japanese automaker has offered at least one model in their lineup with a rotary. Sadly, the RX-8 is on its way out and we don't know when exactly a new rotary-powered replacement will arrive.

And to make things just a bit worse, the owner of this 1993 RX-7 thought he knew what he was doing when he decided to take the car apart and rebuild it with upgraded components. The owner gave it a single-turbocharger setup that brought total output to 505hp. Also added were some new wheels, custom body work and paint, and an improved suspension system. Next up was the photo shoot, which is normally a fun thing to do when showing off your own car creation. And then it happened. During the middle of a burnout smoke began to rise up from under the hood.

It was quickly discovered that the engine was completely on fire, likely due to some faulty installation. Unlike other DFAs, we feel badly for this owner because of his hard work and dedication. But still, it's important to know what you're doing when tuning your car, otherwise something like this could very well happen.

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