Weekly DFA: Porsche 911 Owner Drives into Wet Cement

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Drumroll, please: Presenting the first CarBuzz DFA Weekly.

Here at CarBuzz we constantly come across pictures and videos of drivers doing really stupid things with their cars. And we feel it's our duty to make fun of them in front of as many readers as possible. So here we have the first of our new segment, the Weekly DFA. What is that? Well, 'D' is for 'Dumb' and 'A' is for 'Award'. You can figure out the rest. For the Weekly DFA's premiere, we have these photos showing this Porsche 911 and its highly skilled driver.

According to the auto journalist in San Francisco, California who took the pictures, the driver had "more money than brains and plowed into a pit of fresh cement" that was being used to repave the road. Some people's bad driving skills are others' entertainment. Any tips? Feel free to send them our way at tip@carbuzz.com.

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