Weekly DFA: Some Mustang on Mustang Action

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Mustangs are into other Mustangs, but sometimes they need a little Corvette action, too.

This one falls under the category of "Just how stupid are you?!" Aside from a (relatively) new Ford Mustang GT getting hit from behind by an older 5.0-liter Fox-body Mustang, there was also a Corvette involved in this little seaside fender bender. How the 5.0 driver managed not to see the bright red Mustang directly in front of him is beyond us, but the damage looks and sounds kind of expensive to fix. The Corvette driver expresses his discontent rather verbally with the camera rolling.

The Vette driver sums it all up with a single word. Our advice to all of you on the roads out there, whatever you're driving, is to be careful out there, because you never know when your car might be unexpectedly sodomized.

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