Weekly DFA: This Fat Drunken Idiot

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Going out and having a good time is one thing, but when it comes to drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a car, bad (and often deadly) things are bound to happen sooner or later. Point being, it'd be best to take a taxi home instead of risking it all. When this Australian police officer got the call from HQ to check out a report of a damaged car sitting in a parking lot late at night, he not only found a case of drunk driving but also a bumbling idiot slouched behind the wheel.

Claiming he’s simply waiting for his friend, our new drunken friend tries to play dumb but because he is dumb (to say the least), the officer isn’t buying his story. Which could have as much to do with his idiocy as the smashed-up car he's driving or his priors.

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