Weekly DFA Update: Totaled Lamborghini Gallardo Mystery Solved

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A CarBuzz reader has used his keen mental powers and solved this totaled Gallardo mystery.

So it goes like this: Earlier this month we posted a video showing a completely annihilated Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder sitting in a Hackensack, New Jersey parking lot. At the time, neither we nor the local residents who stumbled upon it had any idea how it got there and, more importantly, how it came to be in its current state of twisted metal. Now jump forward to yesterday's Weekly DFA. At first we didn't spot it, but then CarBuzz reader and amateur detective, Bo, appears to have solved the mystery.

After comparing the images of both cars, it seems quite clear that they are one and the same Gallardo. Specifically, we noticed that the rear left taillight was smashed and the right rear bumper is hanging off. There are a number of other physical clues as well. Adding to this, the accident occurred at Bear Mountain state park in New York, which is only a short distance away from Hackensack. Thanks for the tip Bo! You are officially the best (and so far only) detective we've ever known.

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