Weekly DFA Update: Video of the Porsche 911 Stuck in Wet Cement

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Video has just made its way online of the now world-famous idiot who got his Porsche 911 stuck in cement.

Pictured on the streets of San Francisco and quickly disseminated around the world, one man took a giant leap into infamy by driving his Porsche 911 into a deep and wet pool of fresh cement. We had previously only seen photos before of this tragic (and humorous) event. We have finally received the video of the rescue operation freeing the German sports car from its wet and rather uncomfortable predicament.

The author of the video, YouTube user laurenbettencourt, said this was the "most embarrassing day of someone's life." We would have to agree that that is a fair assessment. Check out the footage of the a Porsche 911 driver's worst day ever below.

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