Weekly DFA: Valet Causes Chain Reaction Crash

Look out for those hotel valets as they may not be the best drivers around.

Chances are this guy has been fired. The reason? It's pretty simple really. A valet at the Epic Hotel in Miami, Florida managed to wreck not one, but four expensive cars. All told, the bill could be close to $400,000. It all started when the valet was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee which he somehow lost control of and then drove it over a Mini and then a Maserati GranTurismo. And for the grand finale (drumroll, please), the accident soon involved a rare Porsche 356.

Assuming it isn't a replica, the 356 could be worth as much as $200,000. We all know that Jeep likes to say many of their models are "Trail Rated", but our guess is that this not what they had in mind.

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