Weekly DFA: Woman Crashes Car Twice in 30 Seconds

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

There's no accounting for stupidity, and driving without a seatbelt is about as dumb as it gets. So when this member of the fairer sex crashes it's hard to sympathize when she bangs her head on the roof. What follows is the act of a simpleton of the highest order. Instead of securing the handbrake, she simply leaps out the car in a blind rage and struggles feebly to get back in once she realizes her car is on the move.

As the radio emits laid-back sounds, the hapless driver pathetically gives chase at a pedestrian pace, resigned to the fact her rolling vehicle is about to crash again; which of course, it does. Well done lady, you are this week's DFA. And your prize for this award is some free advice: stay off the damned road.

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