Weekly Treasure: 1990 Nissan Bluebird Wagon

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This JDM example has real character.

Let's face it: station wagons are on the decline. While we have the Subaru Outback, Audi RS6 Avant and Allroad, Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain, and the Volvo V90, aside from the Outback, the rest are all luxury vehicles with high price tags. The affordable wagon's US market decline actually began over 30 years ago when the original Dodge Caravan arrived and continued in its downward spiral as crossovers and SUVs gained in popularity. But wagon fans are always on the lookout for an old school special.

That's why this 1990 Nissan Bluebird Wagon is a seriously cool find. It's up for sale right now on Bring A Trailer and, as you can tell, it's a right-hand-drive model that was imported from Japan only last year.

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Power comes from a transverse-mounted 1.6-liter inline-four paired to a five-speed manual sending power to the front wheels. If you can't already tell, this example isn't totally stock as it features a lowered suspension and aftermarket wheels. The silver exterior paint also isn't original, but it works extremely well against the black bumpers, grille, and dual fender-mounted mirrors. The wheels also aren't stock, as they've been swapped out for a set of 14-inch Yokohama Advan Neova tires.

The interior is trimmed in grey vinyl and the AM radio doesn't work. The odometer reads a total of about 12,000 miles, which is quite good considering the car is 30 years old.

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The Bluebird nameplate actually dates back decades to a time when Nissan was still called Datsun. In fact, the Bluebird is the Japanese automaker's most internationally recognized vehicle, though it's far more known as being a sedan. There were, however, some wagon body styles launched over the years. Some even made it to the US. The Bluebird nameplate has since been retired and models like the Nissan Maxima took its place. Of course, there is no wagon version of the Maxima and there never will be.

Aside from some noted corrosion under the hood, rear hatch hinges, and underneath, this old Bluebird wagon appears to be in pretty good shape. As of this writing, the highest bid was only $1,000 though this will surely climb towards the auction's end date.

Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer
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