Weekly Treasure: 1994 Mitsubishi Evolution II GSR

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A true JDM unicorn.

The Mitsubishi Evolution didn't arrive in the US until the eighth-generation premiered in 2003. It immediately won a loyal following. Unfortunately, the Lancer Evo is no longer with us. The Japanese automaker still has no confirmed plans for a new one following the tenth-generation's discontinuation in 2016. Those who want a rally-inspired and street-legal subcompact sports sedan with all-wheel drive, look no further than the Subaru WRX and WRX STI. But serious Mitsubishi Evolution fans will never jump ship. They'd much rather maintain their eighth thru tenth-gen cars or, perhaps, buy an earlier generation once the 25-year import ban ends.

This ultra-rare 1994 Mitsubishi Evolution II GSR is one such possibility. Currently up for sale by JDM Sport Classics in Michigan, this Evolution II GSR is just one of 5,000 Gen II examples built, including the GSR and RS variants.

JDM Sport Classics JDM Sport Classics JDM Sport Classics

The GSR is the superior daily driver thanks to amenities like air conditioning, radio, and power windows - all features the RS lacked. Compared to the Evo I, this generation received larger intake ducts and other aero-enhancing elements. The bulletproof 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four engine (codenamed 4G63-T) produces 252 horsepower that's sent to all four wheels through a five-speed manual transmission with a mechanical limited-slip differential, meaning you can put down the power in any condition. Zero to 60 mph clocks in at five seconds flat.

Other features include an aftermarket Momo steering wheel, factory-equipped Recaro seats, and oil temp/voltage/turbo pressure gauges, and Monaco Red exterior paint, a supposedly hard to find color.

JDM Sport Classics JDM Sport Classics JDM Sport Classics JDM Sport Classics

There are also SSR alloy wheels and aftermarket coilovers. The odometer reads 33,219 miles but the importer was unable to verify this figure before leaving Japan, so its mileage is officially being listed as unverified. Fortunately, the car is in excellent overall condition and has been extremely well maintained throughout its life. Chances are the low mileage figure is, more or less, correct.

The asking price is $20,450, a reasonable sum considering how few Evo II GSRs were built and its good state. Of course, it's a right-hand-drive model so its next owner will doubtless be peppered with comments and the occasional confused fast food drive-thru worker.

JDM Sport Classics JDM Sport Classics JDM Sport Classics JDM Sport Classics

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