Welcome to Mexico, BMW and Mini?

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BMW has some big plans for its new FWD models. Only question left is where to build them.

This has been a rumor for some time now, and if things go according to plan, it appears to be a done deal. You see, BMW and Mini are anxious to expand sales for their new front-wheel-drive cars, such as the upcoming 1 Series and recently launched Mini hatchback in North America. And in order to maximize profit as much as possible, it'll be necessary for production to be close by. Basically, BMW's South Carolina production facility has been such a phenomenal success, the German automaker is hoping to repeat that formula, this time in Mexico.

A German publication is now claiming that Mexico is currently the front runner for a new BMW production facility. As expected, BMW has shot down the rumor. Still, making such a move to Mexico makes complete sense. By doing so, North American production capacity would increase by some 600,000 vehicles. Once the upcoming X7 is launched, production output at South Carolina will reach 450,000 units annually. Basically, there's not enough room in South Carolina to meet the goals set for these new FWD models, and Mexico is a country that'd be more than happy to welcome BMW to its shores.

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