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Makes the Veyron Grand Sport look like a Volkswagen Eos.

Judging by the snippets of info and renderings we have on the in-the-pipelines Bugatti Chiron, we're pretty confident that it will tread down a similar path to the one forged by its Veyron predecessor. The 1000 hp+ W16 is expected to be carried over (albeit with lots of tweaks), the design will be an evolution of the Veyron's core shape and it'll be mega fast. We're also confident a Chiron Grand Sport roadster is in the works and, if Bugatti hasn't started designing it yet, we hope it will be inspired by this stunning design study.

Simply called the 'Bugatti Roadster,' this monstrous topless supercar concept is the brainchild of Guilherme Kataoka, a former student of Industrial Design at Brazil's Mackenzie Presbyterian University. And what a machine he's devised. Even without any technical specs or powertrain details to go on, it's a brutal and imposing device that seems to have more in common with the old Bugatti Type 57 'Tank Car' endurance racers of the 1930s than the more recent crop of high-end, ballistic supercars that the firm is more commonly associated with nowadays. Squint even harder, and you might even see traces of the Lamborghini Aventador J and Zenos E10 in the Bugatti Roadster's shape.

Despite sharing many cues with the Veyron and the Vision Gran Turismo concept that's understood to preview plenty of the design details on the Chiron, Kataoka's Bugatti Roadster does have a look that's unique when compared with more recent Bugatti models. The slim headlamp clusters, for instance, are positioned vertically (instead of horizontally, as they are on the Veyron), and the traditional Bugatti 'horseshoe' grille has been replaced with something far more angular and aggressive that suits the car's rakish looks. It probably won't be to everyone's tastes, but Kataoka's Roadster is quite a distinctive concept car, and it'll be interesting to see if Bugatti takes some inspiration from his 'free proposal.'

Source Credits: www.behance.net

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