Well that's not Right – Jeep Mixes Up their Fender Flares

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In the wake of Hurricane Irene, one Jeep owner was left flummoxed by what he found on his brand-new Wrangler.

The 2012 Wrangler Rubicon is the jewel of the Jeep crown, the flagship of their lineup. As their premiere model, one would think that they would pay special attention to the vehicles as they roll off the production line. Well, it turns out that attention detail will save you some face in the long run. Built in Toledo, Ohio and purchased in New York, the 2012 Wrangler contained a very obvious flaw that for some reason no-one noticed during production: there was a mix-up on the fender flares.

The left side of the Jeep is severely flawed with fenders in a different color from the Jeep's body, while the right side is chromatically correct. Jeep plans on fixing the problem through the dealership, however they need special permission from Chrysler to start the fix. The car weathered the storm through Hurricane Irene by sitting in its owner's garage. Only when the storm passed did the owner of his multi-colored mobile notice the discrepancy between shades of black on his new car. The problem was first reported by JeepsUnlimited.com user mathjak107 and he even provided some photos.

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