Were 16 Police Cars Really Necessary To Chase This Guy?


Of course not, but it was hilarious to see.

It took an hour and 16 cop cars but the Houston police finally caught the diver of this beaten up Ford Ranger. Job well done guys. The hilarious high-speed chase was caught on camera and all we can think about when watching it is the chase scene from Blues Brothers. Surely no more than three pursuit cars were needed to chase down 41-year-old Nemesio Magonfa who was wanted for stealing a truck. It's not like the guy is a mass murderer or was planning to blow up a local school.

But this is Texas, where bigger is better. A state motto that seemingly also applies to car chases. No-one was injured during the chase, and Magonfa was finally caught after fleeing to his girlfriend's place on foot. He was found in the attic with two guns and is now in custody.

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