Wet-Drifting BMW M4 Almost Takes Out The Grand Tour's Hammond


And a cameraman!

After the incredible full trailer for the upcoming show featuring the ex-Top Gear terrible trio, The Grand Tour, we're more excited than ever. It's not long to go until we can finally watch the full episodes on Amazon, and we're itching to see them. So far we've been treated to a host of short teaser clips from the show and they reveal the same ingredients that made Top Gear famous - comedy, great driving and insane cars pushed to the limits. Just the popularity of the teasers has already secured the show a second season.

This latest teaser is just as cool as the rest, possibly more so. There are close calls, and then there are moments like this. Planned or not, it's brilliant!

We already know that budget is no problem for the show, they're spending silly amounts of it all over the world. But we're also guessing that a large chunk of change is spent on life insurance after seeing this clip. The clip also reveals that Richard Hammond is not too well in the head, the cameramen have nerves of steel, and whoever they have as the test driver knows exactly what he's doing behind the wheel. It's one thing standing in the path of a BMW M4 going sideways at full tilt, it's another to do it when the track is soaked and things can easily slide out of control. A close shave isn't even a worthy description of the maneuver. Can November 18 just hurry the hell up already?

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