We've Got Bad News About Volkswagen's Radical ID Buggy

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But not all is lost.

Earlier this year we learned that Volkswagen is planning to launch a rugged all-electric SUV in the relatively near future. Set to be sold in North America and Europe, it will be offered in two different wheelbase sizes. The standard-wheelbase will be the five-seat model while the extended version can accommodate up to seven passengers. Compared to the soon-to-be-revealed VW ID.4, the Ruggdzz, as it's currently being called, will truly look the SUV part thanks to a boxy profile, a full-width grille with angular headlights, an upright windshield, and a flat roofline. You know, like a proper SUV. A 2025 market launch is being targeted.

As awesome as this all sounds, it does come with a price. Car Magazine has just confirmed that as a result of the new model, the VW ID Buggy is officially dead.

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Revealed in concept form at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, VW designer Klaus Bischoff told CarBuzz at the time the wild off-roader would reach production in two years. Unfortunately, that will no longer be happening because Germany EV mobility specialist e.Go Mobile, which had been contracted to build the vehicle as a low-volume model, recently filed for insolvency. The ID Buggy, simply put, no longer had a viable business case. But some of the preliminary work done on the ID Buggy won't be going to waste.

The Ruggdzz is set to get its chunky-looking bumpers, high ground clearance, and off-road tires. Its interior will also have a fairly simple layout and will be easy to clean, a key selling point for its intended outdoorsy audience. Another interesting thing VW is reportedly working on is a modern-day version of the WW2 era Kubelwagen.

Volkswagen MJ Kim/Behance MJ Kim/Behance

The original was designed by none other than Ferdinand Porsche himself, only this potential reborn one will be all-electric though it'll retain a no-frills personality. One nameplate under consideration is "Junglzz" but the vehicle itself has not yet received the production green light. A concept version is expected next year, but its future will depend on whether VW's overseas-only brand, Skoda, will sell its own version of the Ruggdzz. It appears there's some internal brand competition for that vehicle, but it would still make sense for namesake VW to get it because of its global market presence.

The ID Buggy appears to be dead before arrival, but VW is still very much pursuing retro-ish off-road SUVs with even greater appeal.

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Source Credits: Car Magazine

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