What A Shock: Most Dieselgate Victims Want Cash, Not A Quick Fix


Wow, who saw this one coming?

American drivers caught up in Dieselgate have three options. Option one, the dumbest, is to keep their cars as they are. Option two is to have VW fix them, getting a clean car in return as well as a bit of cash. Option three is to have the automaker just buy the damn thing back. All in all, then, only two options are worth choosing , and Automotive News is reporting that one in particular is proving to be more popular than the other. We're going to give you a chance to guess what option most people are picking. Here's a hint: not option one.

According to the piece, an undisclosed majority of the 210,000 owners of affected Volkswagen models enrolled in the program reckon it's far more beneficial to have Vee-Dub buy the car back from them rather than have the implicated vehicle be put in for a fix that may or may not fully rectify the emissions issues. The fact that at least 105,000 Volkswagen owners in the United States have opted for the buy-back option just two months after the settlement scheme was first announced makes this rapid uptake in this particular option even more noteworthy. Even more people are bound to sign up to this particular option between now and the buy-back cut-off point that's expected to be sometime in September of 2018.

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Interestingly, there are some owners of the dodgy 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine who don't actually want Volkswagen to buy the car off them or tamper with the vehicle. Admittedly, the selection of VW buyers who've decided to head down this route are rather slim. Just 235 people have opted out of any form of compensation or settlement payouts they're entitled to. But it's still unusual to see someone not accept any form of compensation from a company that technically screwed them over. That proverb about bringing horses to water seems an appropriate way to conclude this paragraph, don't you think?