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What Are the Chances of Renault Building a Fluence RS?

Rendering / 25 Comments

The answer: not very good.

Go to Europe and you'll notice that Renault is an extremely popular brand. Obviously the French automaker doesn't have a North American presence, but it's still considered to be a major player overseas. And one of its most popular models is the Fluence, a small sedan competing with the likes of the Mazda3 and Honda Civic. Up until now, Renault has focused its high performance credentials on the Megane RS hot hatch. But what if that RS formula were to be applied to the Fluence?

Could this, in theory, become a possible Audi S3 or Subaru WRX competitor? Rendering artist Theophilus Chin was wondering the same, so he came up with these images of what a Fluence RS could look like. We have to say that it looks pretty solid. Obviously it would need proper horsepower in order to be competitive, but Renault has proven many times over that it's capable of powerful engines.

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